5-Star, Red Carpet Experience (Released 2018-19)

5-Star, Red Carpet Experience (Released 2018-19)

Tuition: $105.00
Jennifer Landry
Renee McCord
Jayson Lacy

*Includes 3-hour Health & Safety!* ALL LICENSE TYPES WELCOME!




After taking this course:

•   You will understand how to properly touch every important issue when consulting.

•   You will have the tools needed to become a better beauty professional.

•   You will learn an amazing way to increase revenue during your consultation by leading your client into extra services.

•   You will learn how to bring your clients back every month for more by giving them something!

•   You will learn proper paperwork procedures.

•   You will know the best way to follow up with your clients.

•   You will know how to increase your client retention.

•   You will learn what a customer experience really is.

•   You will have the tools needed to become a better service provider.

•   Girard’s law of 250

•   You will see the power of social media influence.

•   You will be equipped with the growth rate, employment, and reasons for growth in your industry.

•   You will have a much better understanding of “competition for the client”.

•   You will learn online vs. brick and mortar experiences.

•   Your brand! Branding is imperative. It happens whether you acknowledge it or not.

•   Determine the lifetime value of your client.

•   You will get brought up to speed on rules and regs in South Carolina.

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