COSMETOLOGISTS! Cut, Colour and Keratin Genius Package (released 2016)

COSMETOLOGISTS! Cut, Colour and Keratin Genius Package (released 2016)

Tuition: $99.00

*Includes 3-hour Health & Safety!*



Talk about incredible haircolour!

This is where it's at!

Combine that with a keratin treatment to lock in the shine and lock out the frizz, and your clients will fall in love with you over and over!

The level of CEU training you will receive in this package is unmatched in the USA! If you are ready to take your confidence in hair colour to a new level, this training is what you've been looking for. Combined with our "Instant Salon Success" workshop, you will learn how to make more money this year AND have your clients love you even more than ever!

Hair Cutting and Highlight Using Extensions Video:

• Type of extensions used and the reason for them being used

• Life expectancy of the extensions as well as how to educate your client on the proper care and maintenance at home

• Step by step on how to apply extensions properly

• Application of extensions in a proper method

• Drastically improve your quality of service as well as increase revenue in the salon

• Cutting and shaping extensions and how to not ruin a set of extensions with the wrong cutting technique

• Proper extension removal procedure

• Proper care for extensions

• Handle all repair and maintenance of extensions throughout the life your clients set of extensions

• A great blow drying method

• Educating your client at the chair on blow drying as well as product usage

• You will have a better understanding of professionalism with recommending hair products

Shiny Bombshell Colour, Keratin and Instant Salon Success Video:

• Understand the techniques used and the reason to use them

• Have the tools needed to become a better colour artist

• Learn some basic as well as advanced colouring methods to achieve the level of colour that your client wants... and expects from you

• See the importance of knowing colour theory

• Be equipped with the education to drastically improve your quality of service as well as increase revenue in the salon

• Have a much better understanding of colour theory

• Know how to be more efficient with colour applications

• A fast and easy balayage technique

• Foil over the top of colour

• Color balancing will be so much more simplified for you

• You will be more confident in colour and foiling

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