Are you getting new clients this way?

Are you getting new clients this way?


Everyone ALWAYS looks to who they BELIEVE to be the most TRUSTED professional for advise in any particular industry. Take a moment to think: If you want to sell your house, what real estate agent comes to mind? If you want to buy jewelry, who would pop into your mind(even though they might be out of your price range). Lawyer, tax advisor, photographer or interior designer. It doesn't matter what industry it might be, there is a reason those professionals pop into your mind. The number one reason is that you TRUST them and know that they have the EDUCATION that is required to help you make the right decision for you. 

YOUR CLIENTS feel the same way about YOU! Hairstylists are the most trusted even over doctors! I hear new clients say this all the time: "When I moved here I was more worried about finding a good hairdresser than a doctor." Ever heard that one?

Why don't we take advantage of the trust that we already have with our clients and create EVEN MORE trust just by doing some EASY and FUN and EDUCATIONAL things for our clients. Here is what we have done in my salon...and the great thing about this is that it drives NEW CLIENTS into your salon:

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This video invite was sent out to all of our clients. We also invited different womens groups around the area to join us for the fun. I'm telling you that this is an exciting way to grow your clientele!

Add a new comment below and let us know YOUR IDEAS!!! Or maybe what you have already done that has been a success with your clients!