Awesome 6-Hour Video CEU- 2015

Awesome 6-Hour Video CEU- 2015

Here is a great video to give you an idea of what your 2015 online continuing education will be like. This is all VIDEO TRAINING and there is no test at the end! You will LOVE this new way of getting your required CEU credits, and the cool won't feel like it was a "CEU" class! You will be blown away by the training you receive and CEU credit is simply an ADDED BONUS! 

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  • Talk about incredible haircolor! This is where it's at! Combine that with a keratin treatment to lock in the shine and lock out the frizz, and your clients will fall in love with you over and over! The level of CEU training you will receive in this video is unmatched in the USA! If you are ready to take your confidence in hair color to a new level, this training is what you've been looking for. Combined with our "Instant Salon Success" workshop, you will learn how to make more money this year AND have your clients love you even more than ever!
  • You want the BEST training in haircutting? The haircutting in this video will absolutely blow you away! You won't get this level of online haircut training ANYWHERE in the USA and get CEU credit at the same time. If you want to take your skill level to the highest level starting right now, then let's get going! Watch the clip below and get a taste of what you will learn!


Well worth it!

Very educational, and now I will forever take this online Course. Love It!!