Make $100 Extra TODAY!

Make $100 Extra TODAY!

How easy is it going to be for you to earn an extra $100 today? Do you have at least 2 clients on the book today? Well, if you do THIS every day this week, you will earn $100 for every day you work this week: It's called UP-SELLING! Here's how easy it it to do. Simply ASK QUESTIONS! Simply ask your client what is bugging her about her hair. It may be anything from frizz to dryness to brassy or dull hair color. Once your client SPEAKS IT OUT OF HER MOUTH, she now has admitted that she has a problem that needs to be fixed. Do you see where I am going with this? Your client has a problem. She has now admitted the problem. YOU have the solution! Simply offer up the service that you know will solve their problem. You come out smelling like roses and didn't leave them feeling like you were "selling them something". Here's an example of this:

You say- "Jane, is there anything that is bugging you about your hair?" 

Jane says- "Well, my hair has been fly-away and this piece in the back is driving me NUTS!"

You- "Oh yes, I see that flip (confirm their problem). Did you know that we can apply keratin to the back of your hair to tame that right down? You will LOVE what this will do for you!"

Jane- "That sounds great! I want to try that!"

You- "Ok! To do the back of your hair it's only $50. We charge $150 for your entire head, but this will give you an example of how your hair will perform if you decide to do the whole thing later!"

Do you see the possible compound effect here? Do this 2 times today and you will see an extra $100 TODAY! They may even want the whole treatment!!! But I can tell you this, they will be a keratin client forever, which will amount to $1000's for you this year! If you missed my video on this service-Click here!