"No Client Left Behind" Policy

"No Client Left Behind" Policy

This is a copy of an email I sent to Abby when she asked how to convince clients to reschedule their next appointment.

Here's what we do:

No matter what, she gets a thank you card immediately after her first visit. You can put a $10 off coupon towards her next service in with the note. Make sure you have the coupon set to "expire" 4 weeks from the date that you are sending the note. I say "expire" because the expiration date is used to encourage them to call or lose out. We always honor expired coupons. It's just a good customer service thing to do!  

  • Now...if she is a foil client: If you can't get her to rebook, then you must mark down somewhere on your calendar in four weeks to CALL HER! This shows initiative and responsibility on your part. Shows that you LOVE her too! We have a "no client left behind" policy. No client leaves the salon without their name being put in one of two places. Either on the book, or on the special calendar that is used for clients that need a phone call to reschedule.

  • Now...if she is a root touch up client: We offer a FREE gift on the 4th visit. BUT...they MUST come every month without missing a month. Also, we charge a higher price for a 6 week touch up (takes more color). This encourages the 4 week visit:) Then we follow up with this client just like every other client if she doesn't reschedule before leaving. Now, the free gift that YOU give is up to YOU. It can be anything from a gift certificate worth the price of a retouch, or 5-10 foil packets for free, or any other gift that you feel would make your clients SEE THE VALUE in returning 4 months in a row without missing!


Maybe to encourage clients to reschedule, don't ask them...TELL them! "Nancy, I'm going to save you a spot in 4 weeks. My book has been filling up fast (especially when you do this!:) and I want to make sure I have a spot available for you. If you need to change it later that will be fine, but at least we will have your appointment reserved. How does that sound?" 


So how does that sound? Easy? Try it and the more you do it the more comfortable you will get with the script!


This will increase your rebooking percentage drastically! Comment below with any things that you are doing to help guarantee your clients return every month.


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