South Carolina Renewal For March

South Carolina Renewal For March

It's renewal time and a lot of people are reaching out to me expecting their CEU hours to show up on LLR's website immediately after completing their class. South Carolina has a process that is unusual but works well. It isn't an immediate processing time due to three different steps of processing that must occur first. Here are the three steps of processing:

  • CE Training Courses must process first: We make sure that your name and info matches exactly as LLR has you listed. This takes time. We go through name by name to ensure your info is submitted correctly to USC (University of South Carolina) and is not rejected and returned. Our attention to detail is why we have so many loyal licensees like you! You can trust that when you complete a course with us, you will be submitted and your renewal will be a breeze!
  • USC must process second: Once received, your submission is entered into a database for crosschecking your info to make sure it matches LLR's records. If your info does not match it is returned to the provider (this is why we make sure it's done right the first time!), and this takes more time. Once processed correctly, USC mails certificates and sends your info to LLR.
  • LLR must process third: Once received, your info is put into the database once again for absolute certainty that it is entered correctly. USC has already checked, so it is very unlikely anyone's info is incorrect by this point. LLR then uploads your completed hours and date into their system. Their system then adds it into your personal account so that you can log in and check your hours on the LLR website.


With all this in mind, you can see how the whole process can take up to 3-4 weeks to complete!

If you are 4 weeks or more from March 10th, CLICK HERE to check your hours and renew online.


So what happens once you are within 3 weeks until renewal before all of your CE's are complete?

Once we are within three weeks of the renewal date (March 10), I will be getting a lot of the same question. "How do I renew my license?" Once you complete a CEU, we submit your completion to the University of South Carolina. It could take up to 10 days from the day you completed for USC to process and send your info to LLR.

  • So, what do you do when you have completed your CE's but you're not sure as to whether or not your hours will show up before March 10th?

Here's what LLR strongly suggests to avoid going into a reinstatement status:

  • Submit a paper application by mail and make sure it is postmarked no later than March 9th.
  • Also, include a note that states that you have completed the CEU('s) and let them know the date(s) of completion. This will ensure that you do not go into reinstatement status. Your regular renewal fee will have been received on time, and they will simply wait for your CEU('s) to process with the date that you completed. Once they see that your CEU('s) are completed before March 10th, you will be good to go with no extra fees.
  • Make sure to include a check for the proper fee for your license.

Here is a link to the paper application:

Print it, fill it out and send it with your payment!!! This is the best way to get the renewal done once there is less than three weeks to the deadline!

Thank you so much for choosing CE Training Courses!!!

-Jayson Lacy