4 Hour Instructor Course

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4 Hour Instructor Course

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Jayson Lacy
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4 Hour Instructor Course

Get Yourself READY! And Your Students!

  • This program will motivate, inspire and give you the desire to learn what must be learned, so that you can teach it well.
  • You will learn an easy budgeting method for salons and booth renters today, and how to teach this to your students.
  • Teaching them the right way can only happen after YOU understand the WHY!
  • Learn the tools that are available for them and yourself, and how to get them to GET IT!
  • Learn the BEST teaching methods to get your students to engage in demo instruction.
  • Use the “basics” but be sure they match the end result of where you are taking them!
  • You will be taught how to instruct your students and why you can push them to a higher level from the beginning.
  • You will learn how to teach why color mixing goes down hill from the get-go when not understanding the law.
  • You will be given examples of why the color goes gold so you can properly teach your students.
  • Color wheel is the guideline. You will know how to teach the wheel!
  • Undertone chart is a must! You will understand how to teach this and why.
  • No matter the color line, you will know how to teach which base color each shade is.
  • Wonder why the eyebrow color you are using is going gold? You will learn what to do to overcome the gold and teach your students how to produce perfect brow color every time.
  • Jayson Lacy will help you get your students to where they WANT to be, and where the salon NEEDS them to be!
Get Yourself Ready! And Your Students! -4 Hour

4 Hour Instructor Course- SC

Learn to teach to budget salon expenses the RIGHT way and teach your students effectively so they understand. Also, how to LOVE on your clients!


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