Easy Colour Correction-Texas 2024-25

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Easy Colour Correction-Texas 2024-25

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Jayson Lacy
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Easy Colour Correction-Texas 2024-25


Provider: 2294 Course Number: 28992

***Know hair colour?


This CEU package will not only show you the EASIEST colour correction method, but you will learn great colouring techniques and tips on how to create shiny and beautiful blondes and brunettes. ***Your clients will be thrilled with the new look they will get as a result of what you learn in this course!

Easy Colour Correction Video:

• Know what to do if your client comes in with DARK hair and wants you to lighten up

• Learn the “old fashioned” way to EASILY get the job done

• Why it’s important to do the roots after pre-lightening

• See how easy it is for you to save time by not waiting to foil

• Tone quickly and save yourself the precious time

• BONUS! Haircutting like you won't believe! Take your haircuts to the next level!

• What state board says your salon must look like and how to keep yourself within the sanitation and disinfection rules in the workplace

Colour Correction and Sanitation-Texas 2024-25

Easy Colour Correction-Texas 2024-25



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